Fall is here, and we celebrated Oktoberfest on Friday, September 28th. Great food and music were shared and enjoyed: bratwurst and other meats and side dishes, together with sauerkraut and other trimmings and toppings that played to the festive theme. For those who wished to join in, several seasonally appropriate varieties of “Bier” were available for sample.
Patricia Stone and Don Becker provided traditional music via accordion, and The Walker Polka Mammas dance troupe made a special appearance.

Volunteer Appreciation


This was also an opportunity for us to thank our amazing volunteers. So far this year, you have contributed more than 1,200 hours of your time in activities such as help with events, yard and garden work, handy work, resident programming, and serving on committees.
So many have gotten involved and given of their talents this year, and we are so grateful for all of the time and skill you have contributed, helping us to make this vision become a reality.

Thank you for your amazing contributions!

Volunteer Spotlight

One highlight of our gathering was the drawing for prizes. We wanted to highlight the winners, who comprise a representative cross-section of the many people of all ages who have gotten involved:
Glen has volunteered in so many ways over the years—handyman, individual helper with residents, and source of encouragement for the vision. In so many ways, thank you Glen!
 has been regularly involved in supporting activities with our residents and staff. She is immensely creative and resourceful, teaching the staff and residents the art of “trash to treasure” with her craft groups. On numerous occasions, she has hosted residents at her home for scrapbooking and crafting parties, and she has been willing to help whenever and wherever needed. We couldn’t do it without you, Michelle!
Karen visits us regularly, helping with dishes and cleaning, supporting the residents and staff. She has also brought fun guests over to join us in exercise and music groups. She has a servant’s heart and a wonderful laugh!
Mike has been a regular volunteer for the last few years helping with yardwork, construction, and lots of fix-it jobs. Thank you for your quiet consistency and regular contribution all around the garden and grounds!
Kate & Leah
 have been great helpers along with their parents at our volunteer work days. We’ve enjoyed seeing families volunteering together. Thank you Kate and Leah!

Ike has helped at volunteer work days and has contributed during the year with mowing the lawn. Thanks, Ike!
Nancy has been a tremendous contributor to the Hope & A Future Gazette,
 bringing fun recipes, stories and jokes to the newsletters. Nancy has Parkinson’s disease and was the first participant in the Hope & A Future day program, during which she helped with countless arts and crafts projects, baking groups, pet therapy, and so much more. She is a fun, creative spirit and is so special to us!
Mariel works with Nancy as her in-home care giver. She is up for anything when she and Nancy come to visit and she always brings life to the party!
Sheila Kay brings life, love, and a nurturing spirit every time she comes for a visit. She is also very knowledgeable on the subjects of holistic health and essential oils. Thanks for being you, Sheila Kay!
Michelle volunteers through MARC, coming every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon to do cleaning and organizing projects, all with an incredibly positive attitude and sweet disposition. She is also excellent with our birds, Hope and Future, who love her whistling. Thanks, Michelle!
For all these vignettes, what’s amazing is that these are just a few of the many volunteers who have given of their time, abilities, and passions this year. Thank you so much—we can’t do this without you!
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  1. live career 5 years ago

    We cannot deny the fact that a lot of people are looking forward every time Oktoberfest is about to come. That’s why I understand where all your excitement comes from! I am happy to see that you want to celebrate it with your family and you actually made it into a reality! I couldn’t be happier because Oktoberfest has become more meaningful and memorable at the same time. Everyone has their own role to play and I couldn’t be happier because it worked that way!

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