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Hope & A Future is developing a new care model!

We call the model a TIIN which is an acronym for a Therapeutic Interactive Intergenerational Neighborhood. The model combines the notion of intentional community (such as an interactive 1950s neighborhood or the helping tradition found in many African communities – where everyone is helped and helps) with the expertise of professionals alongside the individuals in the target groups.

The TIIN model includes housing and community spaces that will meet the needs of the target groups and encourage relationships to develop around mutual interests. The model includes involvement from interested people from the surrounding community by offering life enrichment classes, activities, entertainment, service outreach, and volunteer opportunities.


  • Identify personal strengths and set personal goals.
  • Foster social connections.
  • Staff and neighbors work together, encourage, and help each other.


  • Indoor and outdoor spaces creatively facilitate connection.
  • Community involvement and volunteerism are vital.
  • An internal time bank coordinates neighbors’ efforts who give time each week.


  • The needs and strengths of young and old people in relationship creates a synergy in which they are uniquely equipped to help each other.


  • Unique design helps build community.
  • Includes an Adult Family Home, independent life lease housing for people 55+, and affordable rental housing for families with young children.
  • Combined indoor and outdoor community spaces for intergenerational and age specific programs and services.
  • Inclusive by design and intention.

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