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Hope & A Future is developing a new care model!

We call the model a TIIN  which is an acronym for a Therapeutic Interactive Intergenerational Neighborhood. The model combines the notion of intentional community (such as an interactive 1950s neighborhood or the helping tradition found in many African communities – where everyone is helped and helps) with the expertise of professionals alongside the individuals in the target groups.

The TIIN model includes housing and community spaces that will meet the needs of the target groups and encourage relationships to develop around mutual interests. The model includes involvement from interested people from the surrounding community by offering life enrichment classes, activities, entertainment, service outreach, and volunteer opportunities.


The detrimental effects of loneliness and isolation are replaced with purpose and belonging in the staffed intentional neighborhood. Hopelessness is replaced with goal directed living. Stress and trauma are alleviated with social support and trauma informed care, which have been scientifically shown to improve both physical and mental health.


A unique combination of housing, services, and programs bring people of diverse ages, culture, and financial background together with intention. Intergenerational volunteers from the greater community add richness to the life of the TIIN and the greater community. Interactive classes for people interested in TIIN living set the stage. Together staff and participants explore diversity awareness and inclusion, goal directed living, the sharing of gifts and talents as well as requesting and offering help and support where needed.


TIIN Programs are built around the notion that older adults and young families have the potential to help each other flourish. Older Adults bring a lifetime of wisdom and the young bring energy and the joy of learning. Life is enriched with meaningful intergenerational relationships. And Generations of Purpose are the result!


Independent Housing for Older Adults and young families is connected to shared indoor community spaces and surrounded by shared green space. The neighborhood nurse & some support staff reside in the neighborhood Adult Family Home. Life is genuinely shared by a welcoming extended family of friends.

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