A home where people feel value and purpose.

People of all ages coming together in supportive, caring relationships.

A compassionate, cost-effective way to care for our older generation.

A new model for building neighborhoods where people are connected, not isolated.

A strong sense of belonging and social connection fuels mental and physical health. It’s essential to our well-being. Despite living in close proximity to neighbors, many people today feel isolated. They feel that no one really knows them and that they have no one to call if they need help.

For the past 20 years, Hope & A Future quietly created a solution to address this deep loneliness and disconnect. In our first phase we have developed an award winning Adult Family Home where we involve multiple generations in the care of adults in their last stage of life. We use a Family of Friends staffing model. The neighborhood nurse lives on site with live-in staff and sometimes their children. Staff, children and residents share meals and life around a family table. Visitors, regular volunteers and loved ones become our extended family of friends. No one feels invisible and caring relationships help young and old flourish.

Painful loneliness affects 60% of Americans across generations.

“It’s not natural, the way so many facilities are working within this caretaking business, and so people are hungry for humanity, and love, and compassion.”

Sara A

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