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Photo by live-in staff member, Grant Gunderson

Hope & a Future has completed the accessible addition to its licensed, four bed Adult Family Home (AFH).  It is home to residents and live-in staff, which have included a registered nurse, registered occupational therapist, pharmacy technician, certified nursing assistants and their children.

With the help of community volunteers, a full time art/activity therapist offers a personalized activity program which caters to the interests of the individual residents and draws in community members for monthly events. Music, dance, arts & crafts, food, parties, exercise, pet therapy, swimming, and gardening are all part of the program.

The beautiful 5.5 acre property has been maintained by an intergerational community of over 300 volunteers each year and has and continues to be the site of many family gatherings including reunions, bridal and baby showers, holiday festivities, and memorials.

Our Seniors

Independent seniors and those in need of long term care will both receive and give support. All seniors will feel a sense of belonging and purpose. All will age in our community, being cared for through every stage of their golden years.

Our Caregivers

Our Family of Friends staffing model provides the option for caregivers to live on site, receiving room and board in exchange for assistance with evening and weekend hours. We especially welcome caregivers with families who may need support themselves.

Our Volunteers

Every year 200-400 volunteers join us at Hope & A Future to provide activities for our seniors and children, arrange live music and other social gatherings, or help with the upkeep. Volunteers represent both young and old and diverse financial, racial, and spiritual backgrounds. Hope & A Future is a place of joy that welcomes all.

“The goal of the TIIN model is not simply to help people survive but to help them move forward in all stages of life- to flourish from cradle to grave.”

Barbara McKinney, City of Madison Alder

“I don’t live in a facility. I do share a home with people who know how to help me.”

Rosemarie Lasecki

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