​As we communicate with prospective funders and community partners, we are asked who we serve. But it’s about more than top down service delivery; what we’re creating is mutually rewarding to all involved and holds great promise for the increasing impact it will have in Madison. On this #GivingTuesday, reflect with us about the community we’re creating together.

Our Current Program

Clearly, we serve the senior residents who are part of our adult family home, together with their families. We have reflected on the stories of two residents who have played key roles in our community, and who recently passed away. With fondness we remember Pat and Margaret and how they have each contributed to who we are today. So the answer to this question really has two sides; as has often been said around here, “People need to help as much as they need to be helped.” Family members of former residents have reported their relief from chronic worry when their loved ones move into the Hope & A Future community. They also report that they feel like they are part of an extended family of friends after their family member has passed away. As an example of this, family members of former residents have initiated the creation of a memorial wall for the residents who have lived and died here. We look forward to an event dedicating this memorial on July 8, 2017.

Intergenerational Community Engagement

​We also serve a broader community which is engaged with us as volunteers and community members. This year by the end of Q3, our volunteers had contributed over 1,200 hours of volunteer time. For 2016 to-date, that amounts to more than 45 hours/week of volunteer support.
Volunteers have contributed their time and talents on our Board of Directors and on the Volunteer, Garden and Grounds, and Marketing and Fundraising Committees. The have also helped with events and activities supporting our resident programming and support of staff who make things run day to day. In addition, volunteers are key to the maintenance, development and expansion of our facilities, grounds, and garden space. The stories of some of these volunteers have been highlighted recently.
As we have reflected on who we are serving, some key participants came to mind. Families are taking the opportunity to volunteer together. Young people are finding community and meaning as they contribute their time and energy. Seniors are contributing their time and experience, providing mentorship to our younger community members. Local neighbors as well as many from the broader community have chosen to engage in outreach opportunities at Hope & A Future and have been inspired to become involved in our mission and vision.

Accessible Community

Reflecting back on the current year, we were also deeply touched by letters of support that were provided by some of our neighbors with physical disabilities. These are people facing barriers who have found meaning and connection through community events, enabling them to participate and find belonging in a family-like environment where they feel comfortable and safe. They have experienced Hope & A Future as a warm and loving neighborhood space that brings many segments of the community together.

More of a Good Thing

Thank you so much for the role many of you have played in making all of this possible! If you have already been a part of our community as a volunteer or donor or by participating in our events in 2016-we thank you for your support. If you are considering getting involved for the first time or in new ways, consider the following on this #GivingTuesday:
1) Follow us on Facebook or our website events calendar and join us for our monthly events (Potluck and Concert and Movie Night)

2) Become a regular volunteer-contact us through our website

3) Donate (monthly giving and individual donations are welcome) through National Christian Foundation. 

4) Consider supporting Hope & A Future through planned giving.

5) Use Amazon Smile for your Holiday shopping:

Thank you, again, for helping us strengthen the generations by bringing them together.

  1. Sandra Hall 8 years ago

    Hope & A Future is an amazing place. I seriously believe it is heaven on earth. The home is filled with “angels” who care for and love the residents. As a family, we were very fortunate to have our mother (Margaret Hall) living at H&F, she started out at the house on Branch Street, we knew of the dream Karin and Rick had to create and open H&F, when that dream became reality, we were so happy for the staff and the residents as it was another step towards an intergenerational way of life for those involved. My mother was a completely different person after relocating to Branch Street and once she moved into H&F she REALLY blossomed. She was more social than she had EVER been in her entire life. She really became the person I think she had always wanted to be but never had the confidence to become. Thank you for all you do. I will forever be an advocate for H&F! I miss being there as often as I was when mom was alive, but rest assured, I will be volunteering and stopping in to chat as often as I can. The energy and love in the house is amazing. Having a bad day? Go to H&F, spend some time with the residents and staff. You will leave feeling lifted and thankful to know such wonderful people.

    • Karin Krause 8 years ago

      It is the people and the love shared that makes this such a wonderful place! Sandra, you and your love are part of what we have become here. A real loving community! Thank-you

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