​Looking back at the development of Hope & A Future in 2016, I’m struck both by the rhythms and the spontaneity that have been part of the story. Rhythms—regularly scheduled events and activities—have sustained and developed our community, laying a foundation for more spontaneous, organic efforts and events.

Rhythms—Laying a Foundation for Good

Potluck and Concerts
One of the highlights for our community happens the second Friday of each month at 6pm. We gather for a potluck meal and enjoy the musical talents of our local community. Great food and fun is had by all!
Bands and artists this past year have included The Krause Family Band, Rick Krause, Sparetime Bluegrass, Brad Duesler, Miles McConnell, Patricia Stone, Andreas Transo, Earl Joseph, and Blaine McQuinn, Brian Montrey, Bill O’Donoghue, and Helen Avakian & David Irwin. 
Movie Night
Another highlight for our community happens the first Friday of the month at 6:30 pm. We gather for snacks and a movie, followed by an engaging discussion that has often ranged into history, current events, cultural and family influences, and life decisions as young and old interact over great films.

Movies selected this past year have varied by theme and genre, but most common have been dramatized history, dramas tied to history, or biopics (Philomena, Miss Potter, Bridge of Spies, Amazing Grace, The Better Angels, The Theory of Everything). We also enjoyed some science fiction (The Martian, Gattaca, Inception), independent films (Still Alice, Nebraska), and a classic (To Kill a Mockingbird).
On Friday, January 6th, our next movie is The Verdict. Help us select movies for February and March with our survey
Serving Together
Another formative rhythm of our community through most of the year (with a break in winter) has been the Wednesday Garden & Grounds volunteer team, a joyful and hardworking group who have cultivated and created our beautiful outdoor space together. Many relationships have been formed here.
We invite you to join us in the regular, planned rhythms of our community, which pave the way for more spontaneous connections and outcomes as a growing number of people participate in shaping the future with us.

Spontaneity—Working Together for Good

Cookies for Trinity
One of our regular volunteers knows a family with a little girl named Trinity who has Cystic Fibrosis. Each year Trinity’s family participates in a Christmas Cookie fundraiser to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and this year Hope & A Future opened its kitchen and community members organized a volunteer day to help bake cookies. We were glad to be able to provide the facilities to support a great cause, and we were happy to see our community members spontaneously organize to help one another.
Yada Project Partnership
One of our regular volunteers has a relationship with the founder of another local nonprofit called The Yada Project. This organization supports fair-trade projects globally, selling handmade products to support local communities. The Yada Project and Hope & A Future have formed a partnership, with Yada including among their inventory crafts made by Hope & A Future residents and volunteers. We organized multiple volunteer days this year making upcycled wool mittens from unused wool sweaters. Yada then sold these items at local trade shows, with proceeds going to Hope & A Future.

Reflecting on the Past, Looking Ahead

Looking ahead, we are excited to continue building on the foundation of what we’ve done in 2016. We look forward to more of the planned events that have become a regular part of our lives, and to the more spontaneous experiences of community that these rhythms have fostered. Happy New Year

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