Dear Friends,

I hope you have had time to enjoy our recent warm sunny days!  We have made a point of it!  My husband (Rick) and I were hiking in a local park last weekend and enjoying the sun on our faces, and knees, on a bench along the path.  From our perch on the side of the hill we could see little children running circles around their parents and grandparents.  Some ran up and down the path as their adults plodded along slow and steady.  We laughed at the intergenerational scene.  I reflected that the older I get, the more I feel a part of an eternal flow of humanity than an individual and I enjoy the feeling!  Rick reflected that he was having a feeling of being at one with folks on that sunny day too.  He loved looking at the relaxed smiling expressions on people’s faces as they passed and stated the obvious–“Beautiful Day”.  We were all at one in the sun–enjoying the day.

Easter was coming the next day and that is the day Christians talk about atonement.  While the word is defined as reparation for a wrong or injury, Rick was preferring to think of it as meaning “at one-ment”.  One with each other and at one with the eternal flow and mystery of God.  We are all traveling through life together, doing the best we can.  When we propose to do it together, it is so much more fun!
We are still waiting on a determination from the county on their interpretation of complicated ordinances that affect our ability to move forward with the TIIN* expansion at Hope & A Future.  The folks at the county are reviewing issues in detail while also being very busy with other matters.  So we are working on walking in patience!
In the meantime, Hope & A Future has been honored by your nomination for Best of Madison for Assisted Living and I have been honored to be named in the group of top 10 nurses for 2021!  Thank you for your love and support!  It means a great deal to all of us!  Enjoy the sunshine!

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