Immunizations are coming to Hope & A Future this month!  We feel the light at the end of the Pandemic tunnel is near.  We are still on the  journey, but we are making progress!

Likewise, Hope & A Future passed another hurdle in January.  We continue work to move the expansion forward.  We have made real progress, but we still have a couple of hurdles to go.  Yet, we hope the next leg of the journey will not be a long one and we dream of building by the end of 2021 or early 2022.  We are getting closer, but we are not there yet.

Thankfully, we are somewhere–we are working together and hopeful.  Those of us living and working in the Adult Family Home are thriving.  People in our extended family of friends continue to love and support us.  Many work from a distance with us.  And there are people anxious to be part of our next phase.  Even from a distance, we are a hopeful community.

While many people have had to experience the pain of loneliness during this year of COVID 19 isolation, in our Adult Family Home, we are thankful to be in this together!  We are grateful.

I recently came across this quote:

     “A human being is a spatially and temporally limited piece of the whole, what we call the “Universe.” He experiences himself and his feelings as separate from the rest, an optical illusion of his consciousness. The quest for liberation from this bondage is the only object of true religion. Not nurturing the illusion but only overcoming it gives us the attainable measure of inner peace.”

                                                         -Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein celebrating his 70th birthday with children from a displaced persons camp on Mar. 13, 1949, at his home in Princeton, N.J. Gamma-Keystone—Getty Images

The overcoming of feeling separate or alone begins when we reach beyond ourselves.  When we push past ourselves to become a part of another person’s world,  we can become “us” and we then are no longer alone.  In that moment, we often feel God’s pleasure. Creator and creation join forces. Liberation and love are experienced as we experience the joy or pain of another living being and really care. I encourage you to Love whomever you can this month–even from a distance!  And have a Happy Valentine’s Day!   

                                                      With Love from Karin Krause


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