I am watching a beautiful heavy snowfall as I type. And my heart is full from Holiday parties with family and friends and notes from those far away.  The sparkle of Christmas decor still surrounds me and, by golly it will for awhile! At least until the daylight hours last a little longer. I need the help of Christmas lights to get through this dark season!  

Despite the long dark hours, I am excited about 2024!  2023 was a big year for us at Hope & A Future and we are grateful!  We currently have an absolutely wonderful staff. Our residents and their loved ones are a joy to work with. We are thrilled to have made significant progress with our expansion plans. And we are grateful for our dedicated Board of Directors, Development Team, Fundraising Committee and our loving and energetic Volunteers! We work together and enjoy each other as we all do our part to replace loneliness with relationships, purpose and belonging. In 2024 we will be plunging forward with our goal of building the first complete TIIN! 

While our first phase has primarily focused on the needs of older adults, we have observed that their needs are best met when they are part of an intentional intergenerational community.  Younger and older helping, living with and enjoying each other.  The results include generations of purpose and healthier, happier, and more hopeful people of all ages!  

Our programs are designed around the notion that young and old are uniquely equipped to help each other flourish. The positive outcomes in our Adult Family Home of engaged happy seniors and young people moving forward are propelling us on with expansion plans for the first complete TIIN!  

I am excited to invite those of you interested in learning more about our 55+ life lease units to engage in a conversation with us about our next phase. We are hosting such a conversation on January 6th from 10 AM to noon.  Please let us know if you intend to come.  We will plan a light lunch for those in attendance.  Please send a note to us at [email protected] if you would like to attend.  I expect it will be fun and I am interested in hearing from you!  We are limited by space available and will let you know if January 6th fills up and we need to plan an additional conversation date.  We will meet at Hope & A Future, 1115 S High Point Rd. Madison.

While we continue to see articles about the negative mental and physical effects of loneliness in the New York Times, Washington Post, Capital Times, AARP and many other sources, we are yet to see solutions that feel as safe and fun as those offered by our TIIN model.  Our approach embraces neighbors as friends and as part of an organized system of support. We offer a unique and loving continuum of care. I heard from a recent visitor that he had been told, “At Hope & A Future, they do things differently”. He said that he was excited to see that we really do!  If you are interested in learning more, please join us on January 6th at 10 AM for a conversation about New Beginnings!

Here’s to a Happy New Year!    



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