At Hope & A Future we are pioneering a transformative model that sets the standard for healthy communities by redefining aging and family support.  Through fostering deep social connections and purposeful roles among children and seniors, we combat the devastation of loneliness and ensure every resident thrives–from childhood to memory care.

Our model was developed with the awareness that seniors are the fastest growing segment of the population and that of the (11+ million) children growing up in poverty, forty percent will see homelessness and hunger.  According to an article published by Child Poverty – Children’s Defense Fund 1 in 6 children under 5 are growing up in poverty. 

They state:  Growing up in poverty has wide-ranging, sometimes lifelong, effects on children, putting them at a much higher risk of experiencing behavioral, social, emotional, and health challenges. Childhood poverty also plays an instrumental role in impairing a child’s ability and capacity to learn, build skills, and succeed academically. Much work remains for the benefit of America’s children. 

This article also points out that:  Systemic racism ingrained into our American institutions has been a historical roadblock perpetuating child poverty. Current statistics indicate the ongoing effectiveness of the roadblocks in pushing the American Dream of economic mobility further out of reach, especially for Black and Brown children.

Hope and a Future’s vision is to be a model community that defines aging and family support.  We envision a future where every individual–regardless of age or background–has a place to call home, where they can thrive through purposeful living and active engagement with their neighbors.  While not all families struggle with poverty, most work hard to find balance between their budgets and being there for their children. Most families would welcome intergenerational support on busy days when help is needed with tight schedules.

For decades, teachers have known that the best way to work with children is to involve their parents.  Yet there can be barriers for parents, time and money are chief among them. Costs of childcare and parenthood are skyrocketing.    Knowing the value of having older adults in my own young life, I began to look at the aging population as a resource.  I began to think that if we continue to see baby boomers as a problem, we will miss the potential resource that they are!  And engaging older adults with roles that help younger generations not only offers older adults  purpose and belonging within their community it also gives children the love and support they need. Purpose and belonging takes away loneliness and leads to healthier living for all generations. Giving children and their parents roles that are helpful in their community also builds the self-esteem needed to move forward in life.  Creation of a venue that allows young and old to help each other in safe and kind ways reimagines what community care could be.  With the help of many great minds from the community we have carefully navigated around industry pressures–and found a path that allows us to be the disruptive force that redefines community living into a truly sustainable, deeply connected community of people, young and old, who support each other and genuinely care for one another.

Hope & A Future offers children and their parents a new and old kind of support!  Together, Older Adults, Parents and their children have access to and become part of a neighborhood support system. All generations help their neighbors. Helping each other creates safer communities. Everyone benefits. Imagine how nice it would be to have neighborhood grandparents spend time with children after school and make sure children are understanding their homework when their parents schedule is too tight to get home before their children do. Imagine how proud all neighbors will feel when they are a part of helping parents achieve goals and children grow and develop!

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At Hope & A Future, we have offered parents support in a number of ways.  We offer them the  opportunity to live and work onsite.  In the current Adult Family Home, there are rooms available where parents and their children can live. In these spaces, Parents help with evening and weekend hours in exchange for a stable place to live.  This gives our residents a stable staff and our staff a stable home! Families benefit from the opportunity to regroup and save money as they make goals and move forward with them. On a case by case basis, parents are also able to bring children to work with them.  Parents and their children benefit.  Research shows that Children who grow up in intergenerational settings are known to be more inclusive and welcoming to people who look different than they do.  And having multiple adults involved in their young lives helps children become more resilient adults. Young and old solve problems better together!

Our expansion will include onsite workforce apartment housing.  This will be available to staff and families interested in engaged intergenerational living. Our expansion will offer affordable, multicultural, bilingual child care.  Neighbors and staff will have preferential access to daycare spaces and remaining spaces will be available to the surrounding community.  We are partnering with LightHouse Christian School to offer this important program.  We will add intergenerational events and volunteers to the childcare programs! Music, art, crafts, gardening and healthy living are examples of activities that will be added to learning and play for children, their parents and interested older adults. People of all ages will have the opportunity to share their mastered areas of interest and arts–enhancing  neighborhood learning and experience through the sharing of talents and abilities. Hope & A Future’s community volunteers will continue to be invited to share music and performances in our new larger venue.

Parents will be offered expanded services in our expansion.  They will be able to take classes and work with the family life educator as they navigate the complicated tasks of raising a family and managing life.  They will have the opportunity to problem solve with peers, older adults and staff and enjoy expanded fun times too! Parents who do not live onsite with children may become involved in activities if they have children in the daycare programs, by volunteering and attending events with their children or when visiting onsite grandparents. 

Hope & A Future illuminates the path to a healthier society by pioneering a transformative community model that redefines aging and family support.  It is where lives flourish in a vibrant connected neighborhood designed to serve all generations by seamlessly meeting their needs through turning-point phases of life.  

As we move forward with plans that pioneer a new model, we get more excited!  22 years ago, I was told by the Small Business Development Center that our model would be so complicated that I might not be able to see it happen in my lifetime.  I am increasingly optimistic that I will!  Many people have helped along the way. Together, I believe we will create a new model community that redefines aging and family support.

If you are interested in learning more about living at Hope & A Future,  we will have a New Beginnings Conversation this Saturday (7/13/24) at Hope & A Future from 9AM to 11AM.  Please join us!  RSVP @ [email protected]

If you would like to learn more about our capital campaign, please call 608-831-0243 and ask for Karin Monday through Thursday or send an email to [email protected] You can make a donation on our website or mail a check to 1115 S High Point Rd Madison WI 53719

We look forward to hearing from you!  Together we can be the change we want to see!


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