Our gardens are almost completely planted and volunteer groups have transformed our property into a destination of beauty and peace. Thank you!!!  Staff, residents and volunteers are already enjoying the blooms, rhubarb, herbs and pool!  And in May our Board of Directors had an outdoor in person gathering and meal that felt like a holiday celebration–after our prolonged pandemic precautions!  We are so happy to be able to welcome more of our extended Family Of Friends back!  Although we are still navigating our new normal in the house, we have had a few more visitors inside too.  Covid has stayed out of our building during the pandemic and we hope and pray to keep it that way.  All of us at Hope & A Future are grateful for your help in keeping us safe!  

On a personal note, June is the month of my wedding anniversary.  Rick and I are always surprised by the number of years we have been together (43)!  However, when we look back on all that has happened in those years we are amazed.  The vision for Hope & A Future took our
lives in a direction we did not plan for–yet it felt like a natural transition as our lives unfolded.  A vibrant intergenerational neighborhood that inspires and helps multiple generations and builds community remains a motivating joy to us!  It has taken all of the hard work, commitment and determination a long term relationship takes to move forward.  The friendships, love and stories we share as a result of Hope & A Future’s community members are rich blessings.  The relationships we have with our children, residents, their loved ones (who become our loved ones) and the many people who have helped along the way are our greatest treasures.  Thank you for being part of our lives!

Our development teams are having multiple meetings a week as we move forward with expansion plans.  The number of wheels spinning are both mind boggling and exciting!   I am grateful for every team member!  Hope & A Future is blessed by an abundance of bright people with beautiful hearts!  If you are interested in how you can get involved, we can talk!  

In the meantime, enjoy the sun and the rain!  Growing takes both–figuratively and literally!



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