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Hope & A Future is taking a fresh look at the needs and strengths of the two fastest growing segments of our population: older adults and young at-risk families. Hope & A Future is developing a new care model based on strengthening the generations by bringing them together in a Therapeutic, Interactive, INtergenerational Neighborhood (TIIN).Located on five beautiful acres in Madison, WI, we are creating a staged neighborhood setting where the needs and strengths of both populations will be addressed. The setting will include housing for healthy and frail older adults of mixed income level and affordable rental housing for young families interested in mentoring and support. It will include both indoor and outdoor community spaces where healthy, intergenerational relationships can be established around shared activities and interests.

Our Philosophy

We believe that people need to help as much as they need to be helped. Therefore, services are delivered directly by paid professional staff, but this is only the beginning. We also rely on the help of volunteers, and both staff and volunteers work together to foster mutually supportive relationships among residents and members of the greater neighborhood.

Our Facilities & Programs

Our current facilities include both indoor and outdoor common areas, together with ample green space, where healthy, intergenerational relationships can be established around shared activities and interests. As we expand, we intend to offer a day program for older adults, both resident and non resident; a daycare for children, various intergenerational programs, and in-home health care services.

Young Families

For young, at-risk families, we’re developing stable, affordable rental housing. Our target population is families with young children who are interested in mentoring and support in an intergenerational, therapeutic community.

Older Adults

For older adults, we’re developing a new care model. We currently operate an Adult Family Home for four medically frail older adults who are provided skilled on-site nursing care. During our next phase of development, we will offer active seniors 55+ condos to purchase within the intergenerational neighborhood. The design is to provide community and independent living in a supported and staffed community.

Intergenerational Community

Parents and children benefit from the mentoring that can come from relationships with older persons who have a wealth of life experiences. Through a healthy home and positive relationships with elders, young families can learn self-actualization and move out of the cycle of poverty. Simultaneously, senior residents benefit in multiple ways from contact with younger people. Older adults are given a real sense of meaning, mission, and belonging in an affordable, safe, and intergenerational neighborhood.


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